The wheels4Esther campaign




The goal of the wheels4Esther campaign is to provide mobility and safety for Esther.

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Funds are being raised through SIM for:

  1. Costs not covered by insurance for a power wheelchair customized for Esther’s needs with tilt, recline, elevating legs, and seat elevator (estimated cost US$ 7,700)
  2. A gently used handicapped van (estimated cost US $40,000)

The Carolinas ALS and MDA Center is loaning us a power wheelchair until Esther’s new wheelchair becomes available.

Gifts to SIM designated for Christensen Ministry Account #010330 are tax deductible.

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In 2014 over one hundred and fifteen million dollars was raised for ALS research through a social media phenomenon called the“Ice Bucket Challenge.”    These funds were used to accelerate ALS research and treatment .  Thus far, some drugs have been identified to help slow the disease, but there is not yet a known cure.

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